Walk to Remember

Walk to Remember i a youth led initiative that works to raise awareness of and commemorate genocides and mass atrocities that have happened around the world. It is our goal to encourage young people to be active in fighting prejudice, intolerance and hatred in their own communities.

with "uniting the international community and empowering the youth to take action action against genocide and mass atrocities" as its tagline, Walk to Remember provides a platform to learn about the history of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda and also to engage into the Never again campaign.

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Just spell

Just spell is an English program which introduces students to a new and fun, entertaining and educative way of learning and teaching English. This program aims at increasing student’s literacy, unlocking their imaginations and developing key life skills. As result, students will understand concept better, pass exams and stay in school longer. We believe that Just Spell program will develop student’s thinking skills, reading skills and social living skills which will transform them into change agents the country needs and credible leaders.

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Peace clubs

The Peace club program aims at empowering and promoting youth led initiatives aimed at social-economic and cultural development and promote unity and reconciliation.

We have peace clubs in 16 secondary schools in different parts of Rwanda, through these clubs students meets on a weekly basis to discuss about topics that concerns them in the community, point problems their community is facing and propose and work on solution to those problems.

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Peace and Love Proclaimers “PLP” is a movement created for the youth, by the youth. Through a series of grassroots initiatives, PLP empowers students from around the world to take responsibility for establishing a more unified nation within their respective countries.  Founded in 2007 by a group of young Rwandans, PLP consists of over 3000 members spread throughout Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, India, USA, Canada  , Malaysia and China.

In Rwanda, PLP provides school-fees for underprivileged children and organizes clubs in secondary schools and universities to teach the principles of forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as promote AIDS awareness and children’s rights. Programming is designed to cater to the specific needs of each community within each country their members are present.

Since 2007, As PLP expands internationally, the underlying principles of hope, unity, and social responsibility remain the foundation for each club, initiative and event created worldwide.

PLP ‘s mission is to establish a positive change in the world through unity, peace and development

Our vision is a unified world that is free from any kind of divisionism and where every child is free to exercise each of his/her rights fully.

Our objectives are to promote youth led Initiatives aimed at socio-economic and cultural development, to advocate for children’s rights and to Promote unity and reconciliation.


cross-cultural understanding and cooperation among countries, peoples and communities,

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