I use art to contribute to a positive change in my community.

Please tell us about yourself and your journey as an artist.

I am a lady of 22 years old, with 48kg and 158cm height short & skinny, I love poetry and I am passionate about arts and girl’s empowerment.

I begun my arts journey in 2005 with Utunyange children group founded by Mariya yohana later on I got a chance to accompaign his excellency Paul kagame in Boston, from that time I begun to value arts and honestly I was the first person to travel in airplane in my whole family, it was in 2009.

In 2012 I went at Fawe girls in S4 Mpc and I was the entertainment prefect, vice president of good governance club, vice president of never again club and vice president of theater club that we created in 2013.

All of these responsibilities made me a person who can lead and impact others. In 2016 I created Isoko performing arts with aim of turning talents into professionals and it worked and I am also the CEO of SAYE company ltd which has a project called Dukataze with an aim of impacting young girls mentally socially and economically ( )

What are your key achievements and what challenges have you encountered?

2014: winner of national poetry competition organized by Aegis Trust

2015: winner of English poems in transpoesis

2015: represented Rwandan girls in campaign called girls for president as poetess

2016: I created Isoko performing arts and we performed in 10 big events and community outreach

2017: My company won a reward in youth conneckt convention as one of the top 30 startups in Rwanda

The challenges are there and will always be there but I view them as an opportunity, the first challenge is to find the right team with the same passion and the second one is shortage of resources but these challenges keep me awake in the night and I believe that I am responsible for their solutions

What keeps you going and give you inspiration in you work? What gives you hope?

what keeps me going is my dream that I want to achieve, is that one thing that I created in my mind that I want to see working and breathing alive, not just on paper

What gives me hope is the fact that I am alive it means that I am allowed to get crazy, dream or keep quiet but I always choose to dream bigger than my weight and height.

What has his journey benefit you?

I got to know what I am capable of doing and what I am not able to do. It might sound simple but it has helped me to choose what I am real passionate about and that’s what I am doing anyway.

Any word of encouragement to your peers.

I want to tell the youth that dreams are real and it takes nothing to dream but firstly you should believe in yourself because none is born special. I would also want to encourage young girls to visit dukataze because its a window full of opportunities so explore them

How can people interested in you reach out to you? (Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn )

Twitter: Amina Umuhoza poetess

Facebook: Amina Umuhoza poetess

Instagram: Amina Umuhoza poetess



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