Elvis Benimana


Tell us about yourself.

My names are Elvis BENIMANA. I’m 21 years old and currently studying at Mount Kenya University Rwanda. I love writing and teaching and I’m passionate about promoting health and literacy. I have been working in Just spell program as operations officer for two years now. I also take part in other volunteering programs, especially health-related ones, namely Health Alert volunteers and Health Today which I am about to launch and coordinate. I am also part of the Zeari group, which a group of young people sharing writing and story making skills to write novels. I am also an actor and co-writer in Shyika Arts Group.

What does being an agent of change mean to you?

In my own perspective, change is a decision one makes to embrace another version of him or herself. By being an agent of change, I work on how people can embrace the best version of themselves, and reach their maximum potential.

How and when did you engage in this journey of becoming an agent of change?.

I started my journey as an agent of change when I joined PLP in 2013 at College Saint André. Plp has helped me in this journey, because the first responsibilities I have ever got started in plp. These have helped me in gaining skills like leadership and team-working skills. I also developed my critical thinking therefore I got a better and more clear view on the society. With this, I became an agent of change, as I started working with plp in encouraging younger generations in developing their talents and skills and reaching their full potential.

What would you say was or is your contribution is establishing a positive change?

I think this would be the best way to introduce Just spell. But first talk about plp, walk to remember, and other activities that you’ve done or been involved in. then introduce Just spell and a bit of how you think just spell is contributing to a positive change.

As said earlier, I have been working with PLP in establishing a positive change. I got involved in its different programs and activities like the walk to remember. Plp has been and continues to be a platform to young people whereby they get time and opportunity to show and develop their talents. Not only developing their talents but also getting involved in sharing ideas on how better we can build a better and united society.

I am also working in the just spell program which main aim is enhancing literacy through promoting the reading and writing culture and promoting awareness about Africa’s natural resources conservation among young Africans. This program is helping in establishing a positive change in the society as according to its aim, it will reduce the rate of illiteracy and increase young people’s awareness on how better to preserve our natural and beloved heritage.


Why do you do what you do in Just spell?

You may probably mention that you are a mentor into just spell then share your personal reasons that makes you do what you do in just spell.


I am currently the operations officer and teacher in Just spell. The teaching task has not been assigned to me, I chose it!!! Personally teaching does not only mean standing in front of students to throw out what’s in your brain but a deeper approach to your students, to trigger their brain to increase its capacity and knowledge. And this has to be done in a way that makes your student feel comfortable and free to let his or her brain embrace its next step to knowledge.


What is your motivation?

What motivates you, what give you hope… (either in relation with just spell or personally)


I have always loved to help people so that tomorrow I may see them in a better position. That is my everyday boost in all my activities either in just spell, plp or nursing.


do you think peace and rule the world? If yes what would it take if no what makes you think so?

Share your view.


What would you say to your peers?

A message to young people


I can tell my fellow young people that our age is both a strength and opportunity. Let’s have the thirst to learn and feed our brains so that we may unleash our power to think and act.


How can people interested in you or just spell reach out to you?

Share your contact (Facebook, twitter,IG,Linkedin…)


I can be reached on (right personal, left just spell):

Facebook: Elvis Chervis Ben/justspell

Instagram: elvis_chervis/justspellrwanda

e-mail: elvis.benimana—gmail.com/justspell2—gmail.com

website: www.justspell.org

Tel: 0734295299, 0784343532



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