Ganza Kanamugire Bertin

Please give us a short description about yourself.

I am one of people who want to make a positive impact in the community.  I believe in God not in church, and in humanity not in race. I have a diploma in mathematics physics and computer science. I am currently doing business administration at the University of Rwanda.

Give us a short story of your journey as an agent of change. How and when did you begin.

I have been volunteering in different organizations, since my teen ages, like AERG, Smiles Foundation, Bright Future Cornerstone, Peace and Love Proclaimers (Youth for change), Toastmasters, AIESEC Rwanda, Center for School Network, Mashirika, Hora Rwanda and AEGIS TRUST where I became a youth champion in 2015.

What are your key achievements and issues you a responding to in relation to your activism as an agent of change? (you can talk about what is still going on or yet to come)

In 2017, I started Afflatus Africa (Unveil your potential) with a mission of promoting intergenerational exchange through mentorship and career guidance, to build a strong and impactful legacy to our beloved Africa.  We have already impacted over 1000 people in less than a year through our projects such as willing is winning, live your dreams, raise your standards and reading for change.

We have trained 430 youths in Kicukiro, Gasabo, Huye, Karongi and Rusizi on the benefits and impacts of volunteering in solving unemployment, and we help them to get jobs and internship by linking them with companies

We have organized our 1st Annual conference we named “Conquerors Conference”. It took place this year from 8th to 10th August. the aim is to Unveil African youths’ full potential to conquer African greatest challenges by finding solutions with in them.

From April we organize a monthly event that brings together Authors, Readers, writers, librarians and publishers for networking and discussing how we can develop and improve the culture of Reading and writing.

We have established Clubs in high schools that we facilitate on weekly basis in their fields of interests like journalism, Writing and entrepreneurship.

We have paid subscription for 5 high school students at Kigali public library with a goal of subscribing 20 students every year to encourage parents to subscribe their children and give them access to books

What keeps you going and give you inspiration in you work? What gives you hope?

What keeps me going is the fact that I’m still alive. And that there’s a day that I won’t be able to do anything at all (The day I will die). My inspiration is my mother. My hope is that if there are many people who made a difference, I can too. And the proof is what we have already done.

What has his journey benefit you?

I have learnt a lot and I feel handy to the community. i have made new friends who are contributing on my growth. I have got many opportunities and found my passion.

Any word of encouragement to your peers (and if you have something you’ve started or a project you are working on, and might need people to join you, please share a call for action)

I have learnt that there is a similarity between a person and an idea. They both grow. In the beginning the idea of Afflatus Africa, was just to create a Facebook page. But as time went on I realized the potential we have and we kept growing to where we are now.

Those who want to join us, they can find us on all social media as Afflatus Africa or use

How can people interested in you reach out to you? (Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)

For any advice, idea or question, people can reach me on +(250) 788261711, or Ganza K Bertin on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Thank You!

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