Kimenyi John

Agent of change are people who promote and enable change to happen within their communities. Involved in different activities that improve the lives of individuals and communities locally and around the world.
This week in our series Agents of change we are celebrating our late brother Kimenyi John for his braveness, courageousness and hard work towards establishing a positive change in his community.
Kimenyi John that we used to call K Joe, was born in March 1996 and deceased on 7th November 2018 due to pelvic cancer he had been fighting with for 2 years.
Kimenyi Joined the PLP family in 2012 when he was in S4 as he had been admitted to Lycée de Kigali (LDK) to pursue his A-level secondary studies. Joining PLP, Kimenyi was driven by the thirst of positively impacting his community as he was very active and participated in all activities.
During his time in LDK, he was appointed by his peers to serve in the PLP committee. As a leader, not only would he participate in all activities but also took part in the conception of some of them. He took part in the PLP school magazine (later on called “Iris magazine”) whose purpose is to share stories of what fellow young people are doing across the globe, news and educative articles. Only his team mates can testify how Ambitious, courageous and responsible he was.
After graduating from high school, Kimenyi used to sacrifice part of his time to volunteer with PLP in different activities regardless of his sickness and physical weaknesses. By the time he passed away he was serving as a mentor to PLP in his former high school (LDK). He believed in humanity, love and in a peaceful world.
Kimenyi was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. sad news it was, but he stood strong and battled with it. He was a warrior and could show support to others fighting the same battle of cancer. He supported Karen BUGINGO when she was launching her book “My name is Life” sharing stories of how she fought cancer.
In addition, In August this year, Kimenyi was invited to meet the President of the republic of Rwanda in the event called “Young professional #MeetThePresident”. When given a chance to interact with the president, he asked of what the government can do to be able to treat cancer and other serious diseases ( 1:50:05). Until his last breath, he used his knowledge, strength and opportunities to ensure that no one should ever go through the pain he went through. To mention but a few Kimenyi John was indeed a great young man.
This Friday 7th December will mark a full month of his departure from the living. We gracefully take over from where we left and create awareness of cancer diseases mostly among young people.
We are organizing a sports event where we want to mobilize young people to join us and be reminded of how precious our lives are and that we should take care of ourselves. We’ll keep the conversation going on under the harsh tag #YourHealthMatters on social media.
Join us this Friday at ESSI Nyamirambo (Ecole secondaire islamique) from 1 to 4 Pm for a mass sport which will end with a friendly football match (PLP VS Sugira team).

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