Nadia Lorraine Niyonsaba

Please give us a short description about yourself.

I’m Nadia Lorraine Niyonsaba, I am a junior software developer and writer. I study Business Information Technology at UR-CBE, level 4

Give us a short story of your journey as an agent of change. How and when did you begin.

My journey as an agent of change started in 2012. I joined Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) in high school. The target was mainly to explore. I didn’t understand quite well what was PLP or what change I wanted to make through PLP, I joined the movement anyway 😄

What are your key achievements and issues you a responding to in relation to your activism as an agent of change? (you can talk about what is still going on or yet to come)

Being an agent of change inspires me to be more observant, empathetic and act on things I can change. I cannot say that I’ve once changed a stone into bread but PLP taught me that for example, I can influence a group of students to collect from our small savings and pay school fees for someone else.

What keeps you going and give you inspiration in you work? What gives you hope?

I want to live in a world where everyone feels happy about their life. A world where people have the same rights and actively participate in our continent’s transformation. I keep pushing forward because I see some little change made by brave people and I want to be counted among those.

What has his journey benefit you?

Being an agent of change shapes the leader in me, it always gives me confidence and makes me glad to know that I am actively changing this world into a better place.

Any word of encouragement to your peers (and if you have something you’ve started or a project you are working on, and might need people to join you, please share a call for action)

To fellow young people, I would like to remind you that being an agent of change doesn’t require a lot. All you need is to always ask yourself what can be done and what’s is your responsibility in solving whatever challenge you feel like needs a solution. Take the first step to bring that solution and always be bold enough to invite others on the journey. Also, always put yourself in others shoes.

About a project I am currently working on; I am trying to link my new interest for programming to change making and I have started a Developer Student Club in my university, the club is affiliated to Google Developers and students will be learning android and web development to use the knowledge and skills to create digital solutions to society problems. So, if there’s anyone who wants to join the club or who wants to create one on his/her campus please contact me for collaboration.

How can people interested in you reach out to you? (Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… )

Email address :

Twitter: @NadiaLorraine

Linkedin: Nadia Lorraine Niyonsaba

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