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  1. Please give us a short description about yourself.

I am Romain Gabiro, Founder and Managing Director of Just Spell Initiative. I am a student in the African Leadership University, majoring in Global Challenges year two. In addition, I am a Young African Leadership Initiative  fellow (YALI Regional Leadership Centre East Africa) cohort 15. I qualify myself as a creative ethical change agent working to improve my community’s lives starting from educating key life and development skills to young generations.

  1. Give us a short story of your journey as an agent of change. How and when did you begin.

My journey started in High school,where I had an obscure vision of what leadership was all about. I was young but with the spirit of doing good. After I joined Peace and Love Proclaimers, I started learning from the club and their leaders, later on I stood out to take some leadership position to make my environment at school better. After graduating from high school, it was my time to explore the world, however, it seems harder than I expected, I started thinking more before acting and doing something about the world around me. With the help of the Peace and Love Proclaimers, I got the chance to build leadership skills, which later on started clearing the obscure vision I had about the world. I led the Walk to Remember as the head of Fundraising, a task that was way bigger than who I was that time, however the best time to learn and grow my skills. This experience has been a life changing moment, because that is where I built the character that made me a leader that I am today. Hence here I am learning everyday and seeking more opportunities to learn even more on how best I can help people around me. I dedicated my career and journey towards identifying challenges in my communities, getting important knowledge about it and finally acting, a job that I am still looking forward perceiving.

  1. What are your key achievements and issues you a responding to in relation to your activism as an agent of change? (you can talk about what is still going on or yet to come)

As I explained previously, my leadership journey is a continuous learning and action. I have learnt that education is a the most basic and important aspect for the country’s growth and development, hence me and my friend took action, empathised and created a program called ‘Just Spell’ a platform fit for young people to learn key life skills that supports their lessons and also a platform for young leaders to emerge starting from giving back to younger ages. This program has already impacted more than 1200 children in Kigali giving them language, communication, confidence and conservation knowledge, with also more than 30 volunteers who are fresh high schools graduates and university students.

  1. What keeps you going and give you inspiration in you work? What gives you hope?

In my life, I have been also concerned about things that do not go the right way, consequently, I have been most frequently pushed by the eager to act against injustice in any way. This has been my first motivation, however starting Just Spell, I gained a more deeper motivation to keep learning and improving for the sake of the best of my people, seeing children happy and interested in the learning through my program, has been gold to me and always their smile pushes me to do good and improve always to deliver more life changing initiatives for my community.

  1. What has his journey benefit you?

The first benefit is happiness. So far, every task or activity that I have done has contributed much into my happiness. Seeing children and everyone in the team happy contributes also much to my happiness. Second, it provided me with a large network of important people both socially and professionally. Thirdly, it has opened many gates for me for many opportunities that I am grateful for.

  1. Any word of encouragement to your peers (and if you have something you’ve started or a project you are working on, and might need people to join you, please share a call for action)

I encourage my peers and young people to always push themselves to learn, talk to people and most importantly build humility, since things may not always go as you thought they would go and it is just fine. When they are able to do so, they will be to find opportunities and opportunities finding them ready to grab them and make maximum use of it. When I say opportunities I mean having access to people and platforms like this one, conferences, and initiatives like Just Spell. Talking about Just Spell, they can visit our website and apply to be a volunteer, there are much things to learn from it and I highly encourage people to grab these kind of opportunities.

  1. How can people interested in you reach out to you? (Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn )

I use all social network my names are Romain Gabiro email is also .

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