Umutoni Ange Fiona

Introduce yourself (names, occupation and a short background of yourself)

I’m Umutoni Marie Ange Fiona. A 21 years old student at Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler program pursuing a career in business communications. I have engaged myself in entertainment activities helping out in different events planning and organization and I am currently helping out as a hospitality agent in Ubumuntu Arts Festival.

what does ‘Change” mean to you?

According to me, change is the difference from what has been to what is now; therefore, being an agent of change is taking part in making that difference, to be a drive or force behind that difference.

Have you been involved in activities intending to establish a positive in your community? (if yes would you please share with some of them)

I have been privileged to take part in some activities that incite change in my society through peace and love proclaimers and some of those include walk to remember, just spell to mention but a few. I was honored to spearhead some of them by taking vital roles such as organizing events related to these activities. This gave me confidence and the opportunity to change my fellow youth’s perspectives on change. Most of us(youth) do not think that taking initiatives in our responsibilities; we always think that we are too young to make a change in our communities, but through the mentioned activities I was able to inspire the others to take a lead and be agents of change themselves.

If you had all the power and the ability to change something in your community what would you change and why?

Although there are changes that are already made, there is still room for more changes and improvement, which is why if I had more power I would help everyone have access to education; I am not talking about formal education, this is basic knowledge that we need in our daily lives. this includes communication, professionalism etc. I believe that if everyone had this knowledge in their respective domains change would be achieved in a small period of time

With the power and ability you have today, what do you think you can do to address the above mentioned challenge.

With my current abilities, PLP gave me the opportunity to be a mentor where I talk to the younger members of the clubs in high school and I have been able to share with them my experience and motivate them to also take responsibilities and use any chance they get to make a change in their communities.

What message would share with the young

As I have been talking about taking responsibilities and starting initiatives, my message to my fellow youth is to believe in themselves and push beyond their limits and boundaries. Take initiatives and use the chances we have been given to impact their lives as well the lives of people surrounding them. I also would encourage them to join platforms, clubs, organizations, and forums that help them connect with people who might help them. Lastly, they should be reminded that change starts with oneself, therefore they first have to change their mindsets and own their future.

How can people interested in you reach out to you?

You can reach out to me through social media handles

Twitter&Instagram: @umutonifiona


Facebook: Umutoni Ange Fiona

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