Uwimbabazi Emmanuella

1. Please tell us about yourself.
My name is Emmanuella Uwimbabazi. A 19 year old high school graduate in Mathematics Economics and Computer in Groupé Scolaire Notre Dame de Lourdes. I do qualify myself as an agent of change working to empower young people and mostly my fellow girls, helping them to to achieve best in life.

2. How and when did you begin this journey of becoming an agent of change.
I remember when I was young I could say I’ll be a mayor or a governor which was funny to most of my family members and friends because they couldn’t believe it considering my appearance and characters, I could not talk well in front of people I used to be shy. Later on I joined high school with the same characters of being shy I joined Peace and Love Proclaimers Club which shaped me and gave me leadership skills and as going on I couldn’t be the same person who could be shy and in my fourth year I became a leader in different activities. This enhanced my potential and helped exercise my leadership abilities. As I finished high school I was heading a Mobilizing team in preparation of walk to remember which motivated me until now to be a useful person to others. The journey continues

3. What issues are you responding to in relation to your activism as an agent of change? As I said above leadership is a continuous lesson to attend and learn as life goes by, as someone said « a little progress each day adds up to big results » so this gives me a whole image of it and for now in Peace and Love Proclaimers club I am a mentor to two different schools. It’s a challenge i am conquering by pushing myself to the best of my abilities.

4. What keeps you going or inspires in you work?
Whenever you’re doing what you love you never quit you keep on doing it. I’m always inspired by my duties as a mentor. Looking after my students makes me feel like i should give i have to see them succeeding and positively impact their community. I would love is what drives me.

5. What has his journey benefit you?
The first benefit is that i have increased my network since I came to meet different people with different experiences, beliefs and behaviors; the second thing is that this journey has opened some doors for me since I can now be called to some place for doing some work or inspiration just from this big family (Peace and Love Proclaimers) and through being a mentor.

6.Any word of encouragement to your peers
A word of an encouragement to my peers is to always be keen to do great in the society and also keep on pushing since not everything will come your way sometimes you need to just stand up and do an action. Develop love and humanity and mostly love to share your ideas to hear what others think don’t keep what you feel or want to say!

7. How can people interested in you reach out to you?
My email is mersymannuela@gmail.com Facebook mbabazi mannuela Twitter @EmmaUwimbabazi

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