“Never let your fears prevent you from doing what you think is right. Dare to raise your voice for the cause you believe in.” Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) ‘s message on the occasion of the international women’s day.

To join the international community in celebrating the international women’s day, students member of Peace and Love Proclaimers in New life Christian school organized an event in their school under this year theme “Press for Progress”. since, 2014 the launch of a PLP club in New life Christian school in Kayonza district, this club has been a source of inspiration to its members and a platform to implement their ideas and develop their talents.

Through songs, dances, sketches, modeling and talks, mostly performed by girls, the event gathered all students, teachers and school administrators. In her speech the Head teachers of New life Christian school, told the audience about the history of the international women’s day and how women fought for their rights. “Women used to be treated like objects, they were not allowed to take part in important decision, politics, in arts or even writing because people could say that women should write short stories because they can’t think for themselves…” she said, and continued “… thank God today their voices are heard and that is why we are celebrating today. You ladies here you need to understand that you are able. Use the opportunities you have and explore the best that’s in you because Yes, you are able and you can change the world

In his speech the PLP Director Mr Nelson Kitofu he recognized the efforts and work done by PLP members in establishing a positive change in their peers. He encouraged them called them to keep it up and do more. To ladies he said “as we are celebrating the women’s day remember that you are the future wives, mothers and women for the coming generation of our country. We count on you and we believe in you. Strive to be the better version of yourselves because you are worth it.”

In a celebration mood the event ended in joy.