PLP C.A.E plants a tree of Peace.

College Amis des enfant is secondary school located in Kinyinya in Gasabo District. We launched a plp club in this school in 2014 following a request of some students who had been involved in Plp activities before. Having heard and participated in the Walk to Remember, they wanted to play their role in establishing a positive change in their community.

Since its launch, the PLP club started organizing different activities and came up with many initiatives. They started with organizing commemoration activities in their school. As it continued to grow and get more members the club started engaging into other activities like supporting the needy and raising funds and goods to support people in hospitals.

Having realize that in their school there is big number of students who are Burundians and not very fluent in English, they started a program to help their colleagues to learn English, this through reading in small groups and spelling competitions.

Saturday 10th March 2018 as it was the last meeting/ gathering on Plp members in the first term of their academic year, they planted a tree they called a tree of peace “igiti cy’amahoro”. The club coordinator Mr Jean Luc said to his peers that this tree is a sign that they have been here and therefore they should always think of the mark they are living behind. “this tree that we are planting here will still be here in 20 years to come. This is a mark that we ‘Peace and Love Proclaimers’ have been here. It is therefore our duty to look after this tree as we are also working to live a good reputation.” Kristin, one of the youngest members said “I’m very pleased by this activity we just did and there is much to learn from it. As you all know a tree is always growing and never it shall be constant and be the same, I wish that the love that we have in this family (PLP) continues to grow as this tree is growing. Let it start in us and get the whole world.”

Yes Love can turn the world.