Just Spell

Initiated by Peace and Love Proclaimers, Just spell is an English program which introduces students to a new and fun, entertaining and educative way of learning and teaching English. This program aims at increasing student’s literacy, unlocking their imaginations and developing key life skills. As result, students will understand concept better, pass exams and stay in school longer. We believe that Just Spell program will develop student’s thinking skills, reading skills and social living skills which will transform them into change agents the country needs and credible leaders.

Just Spell provides a platform for Students both in primary and secondary to enjoy learning, with a flexible and smooth curriculum; Just Spell introduces creative way of learning Languages through edutainment sessions. Through entertaining spelling competitions and a very smooth learning kit, students are motivate to think out of the box go beyond their comfort zone through various exercises which unlocks their imagination to change the world positively and being credible leaders.

The Just Spell program’s concept is composed of the just spell classes and the just spell competitions (spelling bees),and is comprises both secondary schools students(senior students)and primary schools students(junior students), Just Spell forges partnerships with different organizations for a quality education and reliability.

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