In the aftermath of the 1994 genocide, Rwanda was left in economic and social desolation.
The AIDS scourge was widespread due to sexual crimes committed in the genocide and many people’s lives were affected. Thousands of children were orphaned and many took to the streets to escape the adverse circumstances facing them at home. But worst of all people’s spirits were destroyed.

In 2007 a group young Rwandans came together and start the Peace and Love Proclaimers as a youth led organization whose mission is to establish a positive change in the world through unity, peace and development. Through a series of grassroots initiatives, PLP empowers students from around the world to take responsibility for establishing a more unified nation within their respective countries.

Since then, PLP has hosted numerous community events and programs in Rwanda. Today PLP consists of over 2000 members spread throughout Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, India, USA, Canada, Malaysia and China. As PLP expands internationally, the underlying principles of hope, unity, and social responsibility remain the foundation for each club, initiative and event created worldwide.


Our vision is a unified world that is free from any kind of divisionism and where every child is free to exercise each of his/her rights fully.


Our mission is to establish a positive change in the world through peace, unity and development.

Our objectives are

  • To promote youth led initiatives aimed at social-economic and cultural development
  • To promote unity and reconciliation
  • To inspire students and teach them the underlying principles of hope, unity and social responsibility.
Find Us

Gikondo – Kigali/Rwanda
KK 583 St

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Twitter: @plpyouth

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YouTube: Peace And Love Proclaimers (PLP)

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