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Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) through a series of grassroots initiatives empowers young people from around the world to take responsibility for establishing a more unified nation within their respective countries. we promote youth-led initiatives aimed at social economic and cultural development. and we o inspire students and teach them the underlying principle of hope, unity, and social responsibility, PLP is in high schools in different parts in Rwanda.

  • Vision - a unified world that is free from any kind of divisionism.
  • Objective - Promote unity and reconciliation.
  • Mission - Establish a positive change in the youth.



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Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) over the years have initiated different projects aimed at bringing positive change in young people.

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WALK TO REMEMBER, is a commemorative walk that brings together young people from all over the world to end mass atrocities. The walk has taken place in 25 countries around the world and attended by dignitaries such President Paul Kagame and First Lady, other Heads of states and diplomats .

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OATH CONFERENCE is an Event initiated by Peace and love proclaimers. The event units young people across borders to learn about 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, Rwanda's Journey towards unity and reconciliation and what can be done to stop Inter-generational trauma.

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KU GICANIRO (at the bond fire) is a youth initiative that aims at to commemorate genocide against the Tutsi by educating youth it's causes and consequences highlighting youth's role and responsibility in preventing such atrocities now and in the future.

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MEGA CARE is a charity event where members donate a portion of their proceeds to a good cause. Through collective brainstorming, we determined it is important to help those in need and create opportunities for everyone in the community.

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SUNDAY CHAT is a virtual conversation initiated by PLP which is aimed at youth empowerment and capacity building. Sunday Chat has hosted politicians , Entrepreneurs and Artists.

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ANDA ARTS FESTIVAL is an artistic arena created for the youth to call upon the use of art in expressing opinions, advocating and creating awareness of problems in our communities.


Leaders and Members comment on us

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Habineza Jean Michel

CO-Founder of Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP)

Being part of PLP completely changed my life and gave it mission and purpose. PLP is a strong represention of what happens when young people believe that they can change the world.

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Robert Mckenna

Radio Personality.

We spent days and hours at Big tent preparing for Walk to Remember, visiting high schools for talks and debates. We didn't know how it would change us, but those are the days that have shaped us into responsible leaders in everything we do in our communities.

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Elisa Rwagasana

PLP Member

I am delighted to say that i am proud and grateful to be part of PLP. Being a PLP Member means a lot to me because it is where i get involved in one of the things that makes me happy which is working with my fellow youth in building our country as well as changing the world for better.

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Kitofu Nelson

Communication Specialist / Former PLP Executive Director

It’s so amazing and satisfying to witness how PLP has grown to become an idea. –An idea that is instilled in all its members, that we can bring about a positive change wherever we are and take responsibility for establishing a more unified nation. This idea is and has been the light that guides each and everyone that has crossed paths with Peace and Love Proclaimers.

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Uwera Davinah

PLP Member

I am grateful to PLP for it has taught that only peace can save the world and only love can create a liveable earth, this is my choice and it is worth fighting for.

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Girinshuti Nelson

Former PLP Deputy Director

Peace and Love Proclaimers (PLP) my family. PLP is a family where when you are part of it means that you are part of something very wonderful. It means that you will learn, grow, laugh, love and be loved for the rest of your life. Being part of PLP means being part of brilliant minded people who will challenge you to be the best version of you and always push you to follow your dreams and be the best agent of change in your community. PLP also is like an academy of leadership, where future leaders in different fields are shaped and motivated to serve our beautiful Rwanda and the world in general. I am who I am today because of PLP. I am a PLP; I am an Agent of Change.

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Mignonne Munyaburanga

PLP Member

Aside from remembering and proclaiming peace and love,PLP has been a place to express myself, ask questions, and keep learning from others. As a result, I gained true friendship, family, and networking.

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