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Walk to remember is an idea which was conceived by the youth from the peace and love proclaimers. After the Tutsi genocide, our country was shaken from her foundation. This can be seen even in our day today life where people have forsaken the positive values which used to guide our community and they are still carrying on the genocide ideology and the gospel of divisionism. This was emphasized by the report which was compiled by the parliament in the year two thousand and seven. “If we don’t stop it now our future will have no nation”. If the youth are not a part of the rebuilding and are not educated about their country it we will have learned nothing from our history. We as the youth for a change we decided to contribute to the change in country by fighting the genocide ideology in our community today. The best way to do it is by educating the next generation, who are the future of our nation. We might not have all the money in the world to educate everyone at the same time but if we can reach out to one by one the change we hope for will be achieved.

The Walk to Remember was conceived in 2009 to empower the youth of Rwanda and around the world to take a stand against genocide and mass atrocities. By using the walk as a platform to educate the youth about genocide, PLP uses knowledge as a means for prevention. As an annual event promoting unity and reconciliation, the first Walk to Remember was organized by PLP in partnership with Aegis Students, on the 16th of May 2009 in Kigali, Rwanda. The event was deemed a success with over 1,200 participants. In an effort to continue to promote genocide awareness and prevention, PLP and Aegis students have joined forces with As We Forgive Rwanda Initiative and CNLG to ensure Walk to Remember will become a global event and share the message of unity, recompilation, and acceptance throughout the world. read more www.walk2remember.org


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